Daily Chisme: Dulce Maria Joins J.Lo On MTV Tr3s, Rihanna Gets New Tattoo, And More

Happy Friday! Want to know what everyone is buzzing about this morning? Check out our morning chisme roundup below:

- Let’s hear it for the ladies! Jennifer Lopez isn’t the only one that is cheering on female empowerment for her upcoming show Amigas on MTV Tr3s. Former RBD member, Dulce Maria, 26, will also be starring in a document series titled Dulce María: Extranjera. The new show will focus on Maria’s journey to becoming a crossover star. Will she land a star on the Hollywood walk of fame? (People en Español)

- Ashton Kutcher returned from his trip to Brazil yesterday. Will he visit his ex Demi Moore after her hospitalization?  We sure hope so! When asked about the ill actress at LAX airport, Kutcher simply ignored all of the questions and was driven off in a black Mercedes. Classy.  (E! Online)

- Didn’t think the red meat dress on Lady Gaga was appetizing? Well the pop star is feeding her food fetish by opening up an Italian restaurant named Joanne Trattoria (dedicated to her late aunt) with her father, Joseph Germanotta. The restaurant will open its doors on Wednesday in New York. Are you tempted to grab a bite? (MTV News)

- Is Ferris Bueller back?! Almost 30 years after following the high school teen’s adventures of playing hooky, actor Matthew Broderick is appearing in a short teaser clip where he asks, "How can I handle work on a day like today?" The clip ends with the date February 5th. Will Bueller be making his return on Super Bowl Sunday? We sure hope so! (CNN)

- Rihanna is keeping it gangster. The pop star recently got a tattoo with the words “Thug Life” across her knuckles as an ode to the late Tupac Shakur. Maybe she should get a low-rider next. (People)