Daily Chisme: Are Baby Rumors About Marc Anthony’s New Girlfriend True?

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Happy Monday! Grab your café and get your chisme on…

- Is Marc Anthony’s new girlfriend, Shannon De Lima, pregnant? The Venezuelan sparked rumors after tweeting, “There once was a butterfly that was so in love she felt people in her stomach. Happy and in love…with life!!!” Well, posting something about people in your stomach on Twitter would give people that impression.

Was her computer ‘hacked’ or can there be some truth to this? Anthony’s reps have denied that De Lima has a bun in the oven. Besides, we think Marc knows better than to go for baby number six, don’t you think?

We also hear that Anthony wanted to reconcile with J.Lo before filing for divorce, but the "Dance Again" singer confessed to being 'madly in love' with her boyfriend, Casper Smart. What a hit to the ego!

- Don Omar’s ex wife, Jackie Guerrido, says that she is ready for love. The Univision host told the Puerto Rican publication El Nuevo Dia, “Being human means being open to love, of course. Life comes with many stages and it’s beautiful to admire the evolution it creates.” Being human also means launching a denim line and having someone to share your assets with. Something tells us she will find love again…

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