Watch These Adorable Dads & Kids (Including Bruno Mars!)

There's nothing that brings tears to our eyes (sometimes out of laughter) quite like seeing a dad with his kids. YouTube has entertained us by introducing some of the funniest, cutest and sweetest videos of dads with their sons and daughters, including Bruno Mars and his Dad.

Watch these five videos and tell us they don't make you say, "Aww!"

1. Dads and Kids Video 1

Dad and 2-year-old Son: This video of a dad and his two-year-old singing "Don't Let Me Down" and playing guitars together will make your heart melt!

2. Dads and Kids Video 2

Jorge and Alexa Narvaez: These two are the most popular Daddy and Daughter duo on YouTube. They've even appeared on America's Got Talent, and we can see why. Listen to how cute Alexa sounds!

3. Dads and Kids Video 3

Brazilian Dancing Duo: Want to learn how to dance Samba? We think taking lessons from this baby and his dad would be a good place to start.

4. Dads and Kids Video 4

Bruno Mars:

We couldn't get over how adorable Bruno Mars was as a kid. We stumbled across this video of 4-year-old Bruno and his Dad. You've got to see this!

5. Dads and Kids Video 5

Bruno Mars: And here's another special moment of Bruno and his Dad. During a concert in Puerto Rico, Bruno brought out his Dad to play on the congas. Fun moment!