Commentary: Too Bad Daddy Yankee Isn’t Gay

Surprisingly, my father’s ignorant ways didn’t have a negative effect on my views of gay people—the fact is I am an educated Latino who has been exposed to far more of the world than my father. But what about the other kids in my neighborhood?

Remarkably, Latin music has addressed homosexuality in the past. The first time I heard it was on “El Gran Varon,” by revolutionary salsero Willie Colon in 1988. “El Gran Varon” tells the tale of Simon, a gay man who was banished by his father because of his sexual preference. When Simon dies of AIDS, his father regrets his decision — a bold statement for 1988. Since then, no one has made a significant song about gayness.

Ultimately, if your favorite artist whomever came storming out the closet, baseball cap tilted to the side, huge gold chain around their necks and life partner by their side—keep the music going. Perhaps, one day being gay or straight won’t even matter. But until that new day arrives, just listen to your favorite reggaeton song and let it be.