Commentary: Too Bad Daddy Yankee Isn’t Gay

When a picture allegedly showing Daddy Yankee making out with another guy hit Twitter earlier this week, the reggaeton superstar had to once again take time out of his busy schedule to make it clear that he’s straighter than an arrow — twice.

Seriously? This is perhaps the 20th time El Cangri has been “accused” of being gay, with salacious web stories breathlessly reporting the supposed evidence. At this point, he’d probably have to resort to leaking a hetero sex tape to shut everybody up. Yet, he’s far from alone. Plenty of our Latin artists (Romeo, Michelle Rodriguez) have been put in the absurd position of “defending” their heterosexuality.

And here’s what I think every time one of these stories pops up: Who cares?

If one of the Big Boss’s homeboys pumps his gasolina, would you stop listening to his songs? When Ricky Martin came out in 2010, his fans embraced him (and the world let out a collective, “Duh!") for his honesty, character and talent, and appreciated the man beyond his sexual preference. And he’s not the only one. Think about it, did your parents stop listening to Chavela Vargas, or a certain eccentric Mexican version of Liberace, or stop, um, watching a certain annual horoscope show simply because these artists may have secretly waved the rainbow flag? Exactly.