Crushing On…Mauricio Umansky and YOUR Facebook pick of the week!

Welcome to our new weekly column, Crushing On, where we Latinas share—and drool—over the men we currently can’t get enough of. Here’s how it works: Every Monday we will post a list of hotties for you to vote on. Every Wednesday, we will bring you the winner.

Now here is where it gets fun: Is your man hotter? Does he look just like the guy we picked? Do they have the same type of job? Every Wednesday, go to and upload a photo of the REAL guy you are crushing on and we will pick our favorite. 

We are kicking off with a staff pick, because we can!

Name: Mauricio Umansky

Age: 40

Roots: Mexican

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation:  Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent. You may recognize him from Bravo’s Housewives of Beverly Hills—he’s Kyle’s husband.

This tall, dark and handsome gentlemen isn’t just easy on the eyes (even his name screams sexy), he also has a good heart. Umansky plans on writing a motivational book targeted to the Latino community.

Why should women go for Latino men?
We’re great lovers. We believe in chivalry, I believe still. And we know how to have fun.

UPDATE: Here is the the hottie with the most comments and likes from our facebook page. His name is Jose Ricardo Garcia. Go to to check him out!