Cris Judd Talks Being Married to J.Lo: "It Was Very Intrusive"

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Sadly, just nine months later, Lopez filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Judd claims that while he received many calls from reporters, he refused to answer any questions about the “dirt” of their marriage. 

“I never wanted to do that because that’s no one’s business,” Judd says.

Unfortunately, his family didn’t agree. His father, trying to defend his son from negative tabloid reports, opened up to reporters and pinned the breakup on Lopez’s relationship with her Gigli co-star Ben Affleck. Judd claims that he didn’t speak to his father for over a year after that happened.

“No parents wants to see their child go through pain, especially in tabloids when most of it’s not true,” Judd says.

See the interview below: 

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