How Rock Steady Crew’s Crazy Legs Inspires Rising Latinx B-Boys

The legendary Rock Steady Crew president and Red Bull ambassador Crazy Legs welcomed Latina into the energy drink's North America HQ where he shared his rags to riches experiences.

The b-boy pioneer was pop-locking at NYC jams before they were even considered hip-hop. His initial involvement with the culture was a means of freedom from his difficult surroundings of alcoholism, domestic violence and frequent evictions.

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Today, Crazy Legs implements programs for the youth that encourage academic achievement and Latinx enlightenment, such as the annual Puerto Rock Steady Music Festival in Puerto Rico. He questions what Latinx celebs are doing to make us better as a people – crediting activists of the past like Roberto Clemente and Pedro Albizu Campo as motivation.  

Watch above as millennial Latinx b-boys express their gratitude for the Rock Steady Crew and windmill into the future of break dancing.