Cory Monteith’s Funeral to be Protested by Westboro Baptist Church

In a separate tweet addressed to Us Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, Huffington Post Celebrity, Just Jared, and Gossip Cop, the church asked the outlets if they liked “our new sign for picketing Cory Monteith’s funeral??” The tweet came with an image of a smiling girl (ironically wearing a Glee shirt) holding up two signs that read: “WBC LOVE FEST” and “FAG ENABLER IN HELL.”

Of course, the church was smart enough to not display the girl’s entire face in the photo.

Monteith’s co-star Naya Rivera, who recently expressed her and the cast's sorrow over Monteith's tragic death in a statement, had defended the show’s homosexual story lines before news of the protest broke out.

“Having gay characters makes a difference, especially when you are a teenager and you need people to look up to,” the 26-year-old told Complex Pop Culture Magazine. Rivera plays a lesbian on Glee.

“I’m glad 'Glee' is around for people dealing with something that big in such a small world. It’s important,” she added.

What do you think of WBC’s planned protest?