In This Corner: Mario Lopez vs. Matthew McConaughey

Round Three: The Antics

Mario Lopez: throws hissy fits because he gets passed over for an underwear ad in favor of his Broadway co-star. He demands that no-one else in his show A Chorus Line be allowed to wear sleeveless shirts so that his guns are the only ones exposed on stage. To top it all off, he tells the press he has a crush on his married BFF.

Matthew McConaughey: he lives in a trailer. He refuses to shower. He maintains a heavy itinerary of international partying while his pregnant wife waits for him at home. He breaks fans' cameras when they try to catch him cheating. He even manages to get too drunk to drive home and forces Camila out of bed rest to come pick him up!

The Winner: This is a close call, but the pregnant wife thing sold us's Matthew McConaughey!