In This Corner: Mario Lopez vs. Matthew McConaughey

Who would you rather date: the guy you can't take to the club for fear of losing him to a scantily-clad bartender? Or the party animal who lives it up while you're stuck in bed, carrying his unborn child? We know, we know...with such stand-up guys it's a tough decision (sarcastic rolling of the eyes). Both of these headline-grabbing two-timers never cease to amaze us with their antics. The only way to sort this mess out is to pick a winner (or is it a loser?) in the Battle of the Sleazy Sort-Of Bachelors!

Round One: The Victims

Mario Lopez:...where do we even begin? His marriage to Ali Landry lasted all of two weeks due to his inability to keep it in his pants (he cheated on her at his honeymoon, for goodness sake!) But did the divorce shock Mario into mending his ways? Not at all! He cheated on his latest girlfriend, his Dancing with the Stars partner Karina Smirnoff, bringing that relationship to a screeching halt. Now, a newly single Mario is on the prowl for some new victims and he's got his eye on his best pal, the happily married Eva Longoria Parker.

Matthew McConaughey: his party-boy reputation has followed him from relationship to relationship (remember the naked bongos?), but it all seemed to be innocent fun...until now. Rumor has it that Mattie got good-and-hammered at a dive bar in Nicaragua while there on a surfing trip, and attempted to convince one Amber Poe to, uhh, beat his drum. All the while, his insanely beautiful, 22-year-old girlfriend and soon-to-be mother of his child was at home, confined to bed rest until her due date next month. Wandering eye aside, shouldn't Matthew be home with his baby mamma right now, rather than making a fool of himself in South America?

The Winner: While Mario has clearly left a trail of many broken hearts, Matt's victim is not only Camila, but his future child, who will have to hear stories of daddy's sleezy ways. Matthew takes the cake on this one.