Conan O'Brien Says Latinos Watch 'Conan' More Than Any Other Late Night Show

Earning Latino viewership is an accomplishment worth bragging about!

Conan O’Brien did just that during his monologue for his hit late night show CONAN on TBS last night. The redheaded comedian proudly revealed that his show “has more Hispanic viewers than any other late night program," according to a recent survey.

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During his set, O’Brien joked in Spanish, "I am a very white gringo... very very white." The hit show replaced George Lopez’s timeslot for his late night show the Lopez Tonight show, which was moved to the midnight time slot before it was canceled last summer.

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After the cancellation was announced Conan said on his show, “Had it not been for George being so incredibly supportive of me I would not have come to TBS. It makes me really sad that TBS and George could not work this out….so tonight all of our thoughts are with George and his staff and his crew.”

Are you a fan of Conan O’Brien? Watch his monologue below!