Con Man Scams Luxury Jeweler By Using J.Lo's Name


It's clear that Jennifer Lopez is the queen of all things bling. From her Las Vegas All I Have our outfits and accessories to her red carpet diva add-ons, it's safe to say she loves to shine! And ss they say in glam squad school, "it takes a village" of people to make our favorite A-listers look even more fabulous than they already are. With a team of fashion designers, hairstylists, MUAs, and even jewelers, celebs like the "Waiting for Tonight" singer really do have it all. 

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And we're pretty sure, the mother-of-two has her main set of people when it comes to picking out her outfits, bling, and more. But, the conman hustle is real y’all and no one is safe, not even a New York City jeweler. A NYC Madison Ave. retailer was tricked into lending a whopping $3.2 million worth of shiny baubles to a scammer who claimed The World of Dance producer needed to borrow them for a photoshoot. Two individuals picked up the expensive merchandise, which once appeared in the iconic pages of Vogue and W magazines, but they never returned the property.

After this clever stunt, the jeweler is suing its insurer Lloyd’s of London.

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Apparently, the swindler, James Sabatino, pulled off the elaborate heist from behind the walls of a federal prison in Florida. The New York Post reported that Sabatino called several luxury retailers pretending to be Sony employee Paul Castellana. Sabatino gained their trust by saying he represented recording artists.  

Sabatino pleaded guilty to the charges earlier this month.