The Colbert Report on New Immigration Study: “Asians are the New Mexicans”

In a hilarious video from Comedy Central’s satirical news program, The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert responds to the new immigration study that shows that the number of Asian immigrants is higher than that of Hispanic immigrants coming to the United States.

He compares the jobs of the two groups and the fact that U.S. companies are recruiting immigrants for work that Americans "can't do." He then discusses how after finishing the border wall between Mexico, we need an even bigger wall around China. A “good wall” no, actually, “a super-awesome wall” must be built to protect this country.

Seeing the problem in his plan, he then notes that China is directly beneath the United States, and that they might tunnel through. The solution? A metal blockade on the floor of the country, with electrical currents surging through it.

Check out the funny video below: