Colbert Has "Esteban Colberto" Explain Latinos' Take on Obama's New Immigration Plan

Colbert Has "Esteban Colberto" Explain Latinos' Take on Obama's New Immigration Plan

Oh, Stephen Colbert, you witty man. Last night, the satirical talk show host had his conservative news reporter version of himself tackle President Obama's new immigration plan. 

Obama is rumored to be working on a plan that he will enact as an executive order, which would work to save many undocumented immigrants in the U.S. from deportation, as well as give out work visas to qualified applicants. 

"Now, they're coming for the jobs that they already have," he said. 

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Obama would also be discounting the fee for starting the legalization process as well — up to 50 percent for some. "It cheapens what it means to be American," Colbert joked. "Obama's just tossing American citizenship in the bargain bin."

Republicans are planning to fight back and threatening to withhold funds. To get some clarity, Colbert turns to his Mexican host and friend, "Esteban Colberto." (Yes, it's Stephen Colbert in a costume and speaking in Spanish.) Asking if this new action would have Esteban voting for Democrats, he answered yes, but for reasons not tied to the immigration plan: it's because the "Republicans have been such dicks."

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Citing comparing Latinos to having calves the size of cantaloupes from trafficking drugs to popping out babies to calling Latinos illegals, Esteban goes over why Latinos lean Democratic. But the worst offense Republicans have committed? "They claim we like Ted Cruz. You know who likes Ted Cruz? Ted Cruz."

Watch the hilarious segment below: