Cleto Escobedo III Exclusive Interview Outtakes

Sexy saxophonist Cleto Escobedo III, who plays on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, opens up about love and music. Check out his interview in the Hot Guys issue, on newsstands May 15th.

1. Hot Guys: Cleto Escobedo III 1

On growing up with Jimmy Kimmel:

“I was ten and he was nine when we met. We kind of grew up on the same block in Vegas. He had just moved from Brooklyn. We had a lot of fun. Our main goal in life back then, and it still is, is to make each other laugh however we could. We would make prank phone calls to our friends or teachers or something. We’d always be in some kind of mischief. We had a really good fun childhood.”

2. Hot Guys: Cleto Escobedo III 2

On being Kimmel’s wingman and his luck with girls:

“Jimmy was a late starter. He didn’t really go out with girls that much. I was always trying to! I remember a couple times he would tell me that he liked somebody and I would tell him that I would tell her and see if he had a chance and he would be like, ‘No don’t tell her!’ He didn’t let me, but he did fine. I never went through the girls are icky phase.  I remember the first day of kindergarten, I knew that I was already in love with this one girl and I think stayed in love with her until I was in fifth grade. I had my share of high school girlfriends and in junior high.”

3. Hot Guys: Cleto Escobedo III 3

On keeping things romantic:

“I always try to take [my wife] to nice places. Take her to dinner somewhere. Sometimes I’ll take her for an overnight date, [like] by the beach in Malibu. Just something to get away from our day-to-day life at home.”

4. Hot Guys: Cleto Escobedo III 4

On his daughter’s (future) dating life:

“Of course, no musicians. I say I’m kidding but not really. I’m just hoping that we as parents can teach her to make the right decisions. I’ll be biting my fingers whenever she leaves the house.”

5. Hot Guys: Cleto Escobedo III 5

On touring with Marc Anthony and Paula Abdul:

“I really enjoyed the road. It was fun. I was single, so it was easier to enjoy the road when you’re not leaving your family behind, you know? I was really young with Paula. It was my first tour and it was really exciting playing these big venues and going on the tour bus. We went all over Asia and a bunch of other places. With Marc I sang with him and we went on a few tours. I got to spend a lot of time in New York so I really liked that. I also toured with Luis Miguel for one tour and that was really, really fun. We went all over South America. I kind of miss [touring] but I’m glad I’m home now that I have a family.”