Christina Milian Reveals Her Favorite Sex Position In Steamy New Interview

Christina Milian Reveals Her Favorite Sex Position
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Christina Milian Turned Up! got hotter and steamier than ever before on Tuesday night's episode. 

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Christina Milian, 34, stopped by Power 106 to promote an upcoming show, and she proved she’s not shy — at all. Host J Cruz asked her to choose between answering an “intimate” question about her relationship or paying $100. Milian will be about her on-again, off-again boyfriend Lil Wayne. The two have yet to confirm the status of their relationship, despite their reunion for Milian's new music video "Do It".  “It’s a real tough balance doing these interviews because I don’t want to be fake, but the fact is Wayne and I have to figure out where our relationship is," she revealed.

The host then asked Milian, “When you’re with Lil Wayne, what’s your favorite position?” Surprisingly, she responded with the truth. “I’ll keep it one hundred,” she said. “Face down, ass up!”

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Well, that’s one way to shut it down.