Christina and Matthew's World Tour

New photos are out today of Christina Aguilera and her new man, Matthew Rutler,in Germany, looking very lovey-dovey. But shouldn't these two have jet lag? They have been on a non-stop world tour the past week. Here, a trip around the world with Xtina and Matt.

1. Christina Aguilera Boyfriend Tokyo

Christina and Matthew in the Tokyo airport December 4. He went with her to help promote their movie, Burlesque. Matt was an assistant on the movie, which is where they met.

2. Christina Aguilera Boyfriend Madrid

Christina and Matthew shared a public kiss at the Burlesque opening in Madrid on December 9.

3. Christina Aguilera Boyfriend London

The new twosome partied in London on December 13 after Xtina performed on X Factor.

4. Christina Aguilera Boyfriend Paris

The couple took in an actual burlesque show while in Paris on December 15.

5. Christina Aguilera Boyfriend Berlin

Finally, in Berlin on December 16 where they visited a Christmas market.