Christina Aguilera's Midnight Skinny-Dipping Sessions Annoy Neighbors

The Beverly Hills Neighborhood Watch has it's eye on Christina Aguilera and her husband Jordan Bratman, who have reportedly taken to midnight skinny-dips in their pool to keep their marriage red-hot—much to the chagrin of noise-sensitive neighbors.

"They don't just splash around—they laugh, scream, swear and make sexy noises," a source tells Star magazine. "We're happy that they're happy, but we wish they'd keep it down a bit. There are a lot of old people who live around here, and they don't like noise after the dinner hour."

Now, houses in Beverly Hills tend to be huge estates surrounded by landscaped property, not modest two-bedrooms stacked up one next to the other like in the suburbs. So, we're wondering just how much noise Xtina and Jordy are making in their pool to call out the neighbors. Either way, felicidades to the couple—don't we all wish our love lives got our neighbors all hot and bothered?