Christina Aguilera: Too Posh to Push?

In a characteristically candid interview with Hello! magazine, new mommy Christina Aguilera reveals that she opted for a C-section style birth for son Max Liron, rather than a natural birth. The reason? "I'd heard horror stories about tearing," she explains. "I really wanted a calm and peaceful environment. I didn't want any surprises." Xtina's hubby Jordan Bratman wasn't quite as nervous: "He had the video camera ready to go," she recalls.

In the end, the couple say it was all worth it when they finally met their newborn son. "The most reassuring thing for me was hearing that first beautiful cry. I just welled up with tears." She adds, "We can't stop staring at him. We study him, he studies us back. It's just an unbelievable experience, the whole journey. It's just a beautiful time in our lives."

We're glad to see Christina and Jordan adjusting so well to parenthood. Rumor has it that adoption is an option for the couple's next child!