Daily Chisme: Christina Aguilera Says Shakira Can "Keep her Seat Warm" on 'The Voice'

Need a little pick me up? Grab your café and get your chisme on below:

- Christina Aguilera has plenty to say about her curves, nude Lotus album cover, and her substitute on The Voice. It was previously announced that soon-to-be mom Shakira would be taking X-Tina’s spot while she focuses on her new music.

The “Your Body” singer told People she’s rooting for the Colombian singer 100 percent. “Well, you just have to sit there, so that's an easy gig pregnant. But I have all of the confidence in the world," she says.

When commenting about her and Cee Lo Green’s subs, she revealed, “They are true pros. Shakira and Usher have been doing it for a very long time and have their own fan bases. They can keep my seat warm.”

Nope, she’s not abandoning that $15 million contract! What are your thoughts on the new judges?

- Cameron Diaz admits to having a history with drugs. However, she admits she’s long over that stage in her life. According to Perez Hilton, she confesses, “It just wasn't interesting for me. There's more I want out of life. Not to say I didn't go through my phases, but any time I was in danger of any of that, I was like, 'Come on Cameron, that's not who you are.' There's so much to gain by not doing that stuff.”

- Another day, another J.Lo rumor. OK reports that the “Dance Again” singer has “baby fever” and is dying to have a child with beau, Casper Smart. A source says that her mom Guadalupe has been trying to talk her out of it.

The insider says, “She has nothing against Casper, but I think she’s worried Jen’s making a mistake. She knows Jen is a romantic, and doesn’t want to see her rushing into something.”

Is J.Lo rushing things?