Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie Go Crazy Over Cover Competition

Wow, there are some days we thank our estrellas that we aren't on the management team of an A-list celebrity (well, make that every day). The New York Daily News reports that Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie have both been acting, err, out of sorts since delivering their babies a few weeks ago.

Besides being seen partying all over LA and dancing on banquettes like her frenemy Paris Hilton (as reported by Us Weekly), leaving many to wonder who exactly is breast-feeding little Harlow Winter Kate Madden, Nicole has apparently been putting a lot of pressure on manager Benny Medina to secure her an exclusive cover for her baby pics—and a six-figure paycheck. A source close to the socialite says Nicole is acting "cheap" and trying to get as much cash out of the deal as possible.

Nicole's antics may be out of line, but it appears Christina is the one falling off the deep end. Following the lackluster sales of her People magazine cover with son Max, a source close to Xtina told the New York Daily News that the singer fired most of her management and publicity team. "She went crazy," the source says. Her tantrum may have something to do with the fact that she is represented by the same team that secured Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony a six million dollar payday for the first pics of their newborn twins.

We think all these mujeres need to take a clue from Salma Hayek and keep their baby pictures private. Whatever money they stand to gain will be spent on therapy for their kids when they become teenagers, anyway, sî o no?