Christina Aguilera's Music Was Once Used to Torture Detainees

Christina Aguilera's Music Once Used to Torture Detainees
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A new report shows that Christina Aguilera’s music has been used for more than just singing in the shower.

A New Yorker article titled "The Sound of Hate" has resurfaced and is shedding light on the history of using music as a form of torture. Prison logs from 2005 reveal that Aguilera’s songs, in particular, were used on detainees involved in the 9/11 attacks.

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An interrogation log of Mohammed al-Qahtani, an alleged 9/11 hijacker, showed that the Ecuadorian American’s music was played loudly until he was convinced enough to tell the truth.

“Aguilera seems to have been chosen because female singers were thought to offend Islamist detainees,” the article’s author, Alex Ross, notes. Ross further explains that music has been an essential tool in these situations for decades. “Sound is all the more potent because it is inescapable: it saturates a space and can pass through walls,” he explained.