What It’s Like to Have Christina Aguilera as a Vocal Teacher as Told By Her Student

What It’s Like to Have Christina Aguilera as a Vocal Teacher as Told By Her Student
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Having Christina Aguilera as your vocal teacher must be completely nerve-wracking.

Just ask Emily Goglia, a student of Aguilera’s online MasterClass. She revealed to People how she felt about having the singer critique her rendition of the hit song, “Beautiful.”

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"She'd been looking at the ground when I started but when I did my first run, she looked up and made direct eye contact with me," Goglia told People. "I swear, it was like she turned her chair around on The Voice. It was so reassuring."

Goglia mentioned that Aguilera was "immediately drawn" to her instantly and worked closely with her on improving her vocal runs.

"We talked about how she had a lot of discussions with ['Beautiful' writer] Linda Perry about putting licks and having vocal moments on every line and that's not what the song is about," continued Goglia. "So she worked with me on simplifying it and she reacted to it really well."

Goglia is one of three on-air students in Aguilera’s MasterClass, an online singing course that’s open to anyone who wishes to enroll. She's very thankful to have had this experience with the Grammy award winning singer.

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“Christina has so much knowledge and has been doing this her whole life. So to hear her talk about and critique what I had just been singing was incredible," said Goglia.  "She's so matter-of-fact. She's great. Of course I wanted to learn what makes her sparkle and why she is as."