Christina Aguilera Carefully Screened Jordan Bratman Before Saying "I Do"

Christina Aguilera wasn't taking any chances when she agreed to marry her hubby, Jordan Bratman. After suffering abuse as a child at the hands of her father, Xtina made sure to carefully screen Jordy for any violent tendencies before saying "I Do."

The pop star tells Us Weekly, "We had many conversations before [getting married], and I really ensured that I put myself in the position to marry someone who was not going to repeat the cycle of abuse with my child and what I had endured as a child."

Clearly, Jordan passed Christina's rigorous test, as the couple married in 2005 and had their first child, Max Liron Bratman, this past January. "I knew that my husband is not the type to have violent tendencies, and he would never hurt me," says Christina.

It's no secret Christina has had some trouble with men in her past, but we're thrilled to see she's got a good head on her shoulders now and is defying the odds with a happy, stable celebrity family.