Christina Aguilera Brings Sexy Back with Post-Baby Body

Okay, we're not usually ones to congratulate stars for losing massive amounts of post-pregnancy weight (hello! doesn't every new mom lose a few dozen lbs. after, uh, giving birth?) but Christina Aguilera's new body is something to be celebrated. The normally stick-thin star embraces her dangerous new curves on the cover of the new Us Weekly, and all we can say is—yowza!

Christina credits 90-minute, five-times-a-week workouts and no white bread for her hot new body. Another pregnancy indulgence she reluctantly had to cut herself off from? "Oh, my God, candy! I had a huge craving for candy toward the end of the pregnancy," she says. "From Starbursts to Skittles. I actually took a picture of myself with my big belly in a little lingerie top, surrounded by bowls of the candy I like."

We hope Xtina is careful to hide that picture from little Max Liron Bratman, or else he might wind up using his trust fund to pay therapy bills...