Christina Aguilera: 30th Birthday Bash Tonight!

Christina Aguilera is throwing herself a birthday bash on New Year's Eve in honor of her 30th birthday. 

The singer, who turned 30 on December 18th, is reportedly having a massive end-of-the-year party to make up for not celebrating her 30th sooner.

“[Turning 30] was a big one - the next chapter of my life. But, because I was working so much on [Burlesque], I postponed my birthday party," said Aguilera."So New Year’s Eve is my big 30th birthday party,” she added. 

Aguilera, who filed for divorce from her husband, Jordan Bratman in October, believes that with age, comes wisdom.  

 "Being 30 is better than being 20, I'll tell you that," she said. "The lessons I've learned and how I've grown is incredible."