Chris Rock Talks Rosario Dawson's New Role as 'Mom'

Chris Rock Talks Rosario Dawson Adopted Daughter

Rosario Dawson is rockin' motherhood, according to her Top Five co-star Chris Rock!

The comedian revealed that he already met Dawson's newly-adopted daughter. "Yeah [it's] so great, I met her," he told E! "She's lovely." 

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The comedian also praised the 35-year-old actress's parenting abilities: "Rosario's going to be an amazing mother," he gushed. "She already is an amazing mother. She's got an amazing mother, so it rubs off."

Dawson reportedly adopted her 12-year-old daughter earlier this year, although she declined to comment on the matter. On a recent episode of the TODAY show, she told Matt Lauer that she "rarely [talks] about tabloid speculation"

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"My family is incredibly private — most of us anyway," she said. "I don't think anyone's going to be writing a book anytime soon, just because we're too lazy."