Chris Perez Gets First Look at Selena MAC Collection & Wax Figure

Chris Perez Gets First Look at Selena MAC Collection & Wax Figure

October can’t come soon enough!

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The arrival of Selena Quintanilla’s MAC collection is almost here and we can barely contain ourselves, especially after Chris Perez gave us another peek at the makeup line.

Perez got to see the collection for the first time, after a lunch date with Suzette Quintanilla, and judging from his Facebook page, he seems very excited about the MAC collaboration. 

“Sooooo....yup. I got to visit and have lunch with Suzette this afternoon. Did I mention I got my first real look at the Selena makeup line? According to the people at MAC, this is the biggest response they've gotten to ANY of their limited edition makeup releases,” Perez wrote on Facebook page.

The musician also mentioned a fun fact about Selena’s makeup line: the colors are the same shades she used on tour!

And that wasn’t the only Selena news he shared. Perez also got to see his deceased wife’s wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood and according to him, it’s almost identical to the singer. 

“Some of the other celebrity wax figures I've seen, well, they only SORT of look like who they're supposed to look like,” the musician wrote on a separate Facebook post. Take it from me, this one looks amazing!”

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