Chiquis Rivera Talks Her Alleged Romance With Stepfather

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Chiquis Rivera has opened up about the one thing that kept her mother, Jenni Rivera, and her apart: the alleged affair Chiquis had with her stepfather, Esteban Loaiza.

According to The Huffington Post, during an interview with Azteca América, Chiquis revealed that she and her mother hadn't spoken in months prior to her tragic accident.

“The world and my family lost Jenni on December 9, I lost my mother two months before on October 2," Chiquis said. "It was a misunderstanding. My world ended on that day."

The feud between Jenni and her daughter all began when Jenni was told that Chiquis had been having an affair with her stepfather Loaiza.

“I don’t understand how the rumor got started, this horrible thing that has caused so much suffering. [Loaiza] has always been very respectful towards me and me with him," she said.

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