Angelo Sosa Exclusive Interview Outtakes

Get to know Dominican-American chef and Top Chef All-Stars alum Angelo Sosa. (Or just look at gratuitous shots of this hottie. That’s cool too.) Make sure to check out Sosa in our Hot Guys issue, out on newsstands May 15th.

1. Hot Guys: Angelo Sosa 1

On discovering his culinary talent:

“I grew up in a very small town in Connecticut. My father’s Dominican and my mother’s Italian. My father was always all about providing for the family and sustaining the family with food we produced. We literally had a huge garden. My childhood days I remember just picking and weeding the garden. I was always my father’s little helper in the kitchen.”

2. Hot Guys: Angelo Sosa 2

On whether cooking is attractive:

“Definitely! Typically, people that I date don’t necessarily know how to cook so I’m pretty much doing all the cooking.”

3. Hot Guys: Angelo Sosa 3

On cooking disasters and impressing the ladies:

“Oh my god, [I’ve messed up] big time! I cooked a meal for a girlfriend who loves eggs and she asked me for egg whites. First, You have to understand that cooking at home and cooking in a professional kitchen, those are two different things. The equipment’s different [and] normally there’s people washing dishes for you and all that, so usually my kitchen [at home] is very messy when I’m done cooking. But with egg whites, it’s just so hard to know how much salt is in it. I was so excited for her to taste it because I put so much thought into it to impress her. And she’s eating it and I’m like, ‘What’s wrong?’ I take a bite of it and I literally spit it out. It was so much salt! I could not believe I cooked it. I was so embarrassed.”

4. Hot Guys: Angelo Sosa 4

On the recovery of that cooking disaster:

“She forgave me for the meal but it was hard to rebound ‘cause after that I got slightly intimidated and nervous, probably more nervous than I was on top chef!”

5. Hot Guys: Angelo Sosa 5

On future projects:

“To be honest we do have a TV show in the near future, [and] my book, Flavor Exposed, is coming out May 15th. It’s about exposing flavors to home cooks and really just how easy (and not intimidating!) it is to understand different types of flavor profiles.”