Check out Our Historic 15th Anniversary Cover!

Latina's 15th Anniversary Issue

We are so proud that we have made it to 15 years of Latina magazine and it's all because of our loyal readers like you! To celebrate this historic moment, we wanted to create a cover that was just as special, so we recruited 15 Latinas who have been making moves in the worlds of music, TV and film to be our cover stars—and we have to say we're really proud of the result.

Be sure to check out the 15 Latinas We Love! to hear what all of our beauties had to say about being on the cover and what it means to them to be Latina.

Tell us what you think about our new cover and be sure to check out our cool new 15th anniversary site to see all of the special content we've created in celebration.

Be sure to pick up your copy of the October issue, on sale September 13.