Charlie Sheen Sued for $20 Million

It looks like Martin Sheen isn’t the only one keen on taking Charlie Sheen to court.

According to, Sheen is facing a $20 million lawsuit from television producer Ed Myer, who filed a suit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday, claiming that Sheen conspired to ruin a reality TV deal between himself and Joe Estevez, Sheen’s estranged uncle.

Meyer says he was working with Estevez on a reality series about the Sheen family and that Charlie engaged in a harassment campaign that led to the deal being broken off.

According to Meyer's suit, "Starting on January 4, 2010, defendant Carlos Irwin Estevez, along with co-conspirators Martin Sheen and Janet Sheen, all non-parties to the reality show deal, did internationally and tortuously: threaten, interfere with and restrain, and also conspire to: threaten, interfere with and restrain the plaintiff's reality television project starring their relative Joe Estevez, titled: 'About The Sheens' aka 'Being Sheen' aka 'Sheen Reality,' thus destroying the contractual relationships and damaging the plaintiff Ed Meyer."

Sheen knows a thing or two about lawsuits. The Two & A Half Men star is currently suing his former bosses, Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros. TV for $100 million.