Charlie Sheen Admitting He's HIV Positive Could Mean Lawsuits Are Coming His Way

Charlie Sheen Admitting He's HIV Positive Could Mean Lawsuits Are Coming His Way
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Charlie Sheen might have major legal battles coming his way. 

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The 50-year-old went on the Today show and revealed he is HIV positive and has been for the past four years. Now, the actor might face criminal charges for allegedly not disclosing he was infected to all of his sexual partners. 

“He is liable for a misdemeanor if it can be established that he willfully exposed himself to a sexual partner while he was afflicted with HIV,” he said.  “In other words, it is a crime to intentionally place another person at risk of contracting your contagious disease.”

In his interview, Sheen admitted to having unprotected sex since his diagnosis but claims he told every partner that he has HIV. According to TMZ there are at least six women who have contacted a prominent Los Angeles lawyer about suing him for not disclosing his condition. 

One "goddess" that is claimimg Sheen never told her about his HIV status is his ex girlfriend, Bree Olson


The 30-year-old spoke to Inside Edition about how she was feeling since he his announcement. 

"I could be dead right now because he didn't tell me that," she said. "I don't think he cared. I know he didn't care."

Olson claims she was with Sheen during the time he now says he was diagnosed with HIV and she says they had unprotected sex many times. 

“He is a monster, and he put my life in jeopardy along with hundreds — or potentially thousands — of other women’s lives," she said. 

Both TMZ and Us Weekly have sources that claim Sheen didn't know he was HIV positive when he was with Olson, it was only after they broke up that he found out. 

Charlie's manager, Mark Burg, spoke to Us Weekly and is now saying Olson has her facts wrong. 

"The truth is she wasn't in Charlie's life when he was HIV-positive and so there was no reason to tell her anything," he said. 

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Sheen announcing he's HIV positive was brave and we wish him the best of luck!