Charlie Sheen Channels Che Guevara: "Viva la Revoluci贸n!"

Charlie Sheen's recent antics have fascinated the entire nation, and after he was fired from his hit CBS show Two & Half Men, Sheen brandished a machete on the roof of Live Nation's Beverly Hills offices.

At this point, even we were scratching our heads. According to E! News, the machete did not belong to Sheen, but rather to an executive at the concert promotion company, who Sheen is rumored to be developing a reality show with. The out-of-control actor was smoking a cigarette with the executive and when they saw the paparazzi, the exec gave Sheen the machete and told him to give the photogs his best Che Guevara.

"Charlie grabbed it and was like, 'Cool. 隆Viva la revoluci贸n!'" a source said.

When he came down from the roof, Charlie told the paps it was "the greatest day of his life," and declared he was "Free at last!" Although the machete doesn't belong to Sheen, the actor said he'd like to get a similar sword for his "warlock arsenal." Can't say we're surprised to hear that.