Ecuador May Have Changed Channing Tatum's Life in a Way You'll Never Believe

Channing Tatum on  How Traveling to the Ecuadorian Rain Forest Changed His Life

Channing Tatum is a man after our own hearts. 

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The actor opened up to PEOPLE about the time he traveled to the Ecuadorian Rain Forest and got involved with the Runa Foundation. The non-profit aims to make money from resources in tropical forests that benefit the local people as well as the ecosystem. 

"Runa […] gives plants to the Ecuadorian people to plant in their backyard, and they come around to harvest and pay the people money for the leaves," he explains of how the organization helps local farmers.

Tatum decided he would travel down to Ecuador to see for himself where the tealeaves come from. He was also able to participate in local customs and connect with the people he met. 

"We were all pretty moved and inspired by it," he says. "I just want to go down there and help […] the people that I've met on the basic level of, I've made friends. I will do anything to help them save their land, to live a better life."

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