Daily Chisme: Chad Ochocinco Hacks Into Evelyn Lozada's Twitter?

Happy Monday chismosos! Grab your café and get your afternoon pick-me-up with our gossip roundup below:

- Chad Ochocinco was caught red-handed! The professional football player hacked our girl Evelyn Lozada’s Twitter page and was tweeting his heart away, reports Bossip. Chad posted several comments, which have since been deleted, including this one, “Any dudes want to send there last DM’s to Evelyn before she gets married. I promise to relay the message…”

The madness continued for a few more posts, but the funniest of all was Chad answering back to a hater, “This is Chad dammit, pay attention, Eve on the toilet boo boo!” Ha! No wonder they got their own spin-off! Would you be okay with your man hacking into your Twitter?

- Former 106 & Park host, Rocsi Diaz was spotted sitting next to rumored novio, Eddie Murphy at the 2012 BET Awards. Interesting match!

- You may have been drooling over Magic Mike stars Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum over the weekend, but just imagine if William Levy were a part of the cast! According to People en Español, Steven Soderbergh originally offered the Cuban heartthrob to play a stripper for the film. Too bad the actor passed up on the role. Come on William, don’t be stingy with the goods!

- We have been buzzing about Victoria Justice’s new movie, Fun Size, for months and the trailer has finally premiered. Victoria plays the main character Wren, who loses her little brother while on route to a Halloween party. We can’t wait to catch the comedy flick this fall! Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think: