Lights, Camera, Action: The 10 Best Celebrity Instagram Vids!

Instagram Videos or “Instavids” (as some call them) made their debut June 20. From Bella Thorne showing off a delicious burger (and eating it!) to Julissa Bermudez trying to create a remix to Drake’s “Started from the Bottom.”  These celebs can now put their lives on display through 15-second videos. Check out all the fun these celebs are having! 

1. Instagram Video: Kat DeLuna

Kat DeLuna

Instagram: @delunachic

This fiery Dominican princess is all about shaking what her momma gave her in her Instagram videos. She features videos of her rehearsing dance moves for previous and upcoming shows. She really knows how to show off her dances moves! 

2. Instagram Video: Meagan Good

Meagan Good

Instagram: @msgood

This Boricua loves goofing off, hanging out with family, friends and it shows in her Instagram videos. Her and her sister are goofing off and speaking in silly voices in all of most of her videos. There is even one where she speaking in the squeakiest voice ever, it’s hilarious. 

3. Instagram Video: Dania Ramirez

Dania Ramirez

Instagram: @daniajramirez

She a hot Dominican beauty and her videos just enhance that. In her Instagram videos she shows off a mini clip from her new show Devious Maids and acts as her character would in real life. 

4. Instagram Video: Aaron Diaz

Aaron Diaz

Instagram: @aarondiaz

This Mexican hottie with a body loves creating videos of food. Whenever he is out and about he takes videos of all the amazing food he is eating and his friends goofing off. We just wish he included more of himself in those videos so we can stare in awe. 

5. Instagram Video: Christina Milian

Christina Milian

Instagram: @christinamilian

This mommy of one loves showing off videos of her and daughter goofing off and singing “Party in my tummy” from Yo Gabba Gabba. She also has a lot of videos showing off her line of hookah, Platinum E Hookah, and hanging out having a good time. 

6. Instagram Video: Snooki

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

Instagram: @snookinic

This fit mommy loves showing off videos of herself goofing off with her friends and family. There is one video where she even makes fun of herself and all the duck faces she makes. 

7. Instagram Video: Julissa Bermudes

Julissa Bermudez

Instagram: @officialjulissab

This Dominican spitfire loves having videos showing off her friends and all the cool events she goes to. One of her videos she is showing her rapping skills by trying to create a remix to Drake’s “Started from the Bottom.” 

8. Instagram Video: Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne

Instagram: @bellathorne

She may not look Cuban but she sure loves to eat like one! Even though she only has one video it sure is a good one. It shows her chowing down on a burger and loving the fact she is back in L.A. from her recent trip to South Africa. 

9. Instagram Video: Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama

Instagram: @wilmervalderrama

He is Colombian and Venezuelan and has a big Instagram following. His video shows off him and a friend getting a car wash at 2 a.m. We don’t about you but at that time we were snoozing’ sound asleep in bed. 

10. Instagram Video: Kate del Castillo

Kate del Castillo

Instagram: @morenatequilera

This Mexican acclaimed actress loves uploading videos on Instagram. She especially loves showing off videos of people singing their hearts out. Not only does she have awesome videos of she clearly enjoys taking selfies.