6 Celebrities With Outrageous Demands

We've all heard the horror stories: Katy Perry refuses to allow any carnations in her fitting rooms. Nicki Minaj doesn't allow people to take pictures with her or of her. Some stars are simply impossible to please.

But what about our favorite Latinos? It seems they aren't exempt from diva syndrome, either. From Mariah Carey to Jennifer Lopez, these stars have made some ridiculous demands: 

1. diva slide 01 mariah

A pink red carpet...and live kittens?

Mariah Carey is the official Queen of Divas. In 2005, she asked London’s Baglioni Hotel to roll out a red carpet, lined with white candles, so she could make a grand entrance...at 2am! Unfortunately, the madness doesn’t end there. Carey asked a Westfield Mall in London to charter her a pink Rolls-Royce, roll out a pink red carpet, and erect a pink-podium for a scheduled appearance to turn on the mall’s Christmas lights. Reportedly, she also asked for live white kittens and doves to be released during the event! Qué? Due to health and safety reasons, the mall was obligated to reject her bizarre request.

2. diva slide 02 jlo

A champagne fridge?

She’s still Jenny From The Block? Right. Jennifer Lopez is notorious for her extensive backstage riders. The diva demands microwaves, coffee makers, toasters, plain M&Ms, lime blossom candles, and more. It was also reported that JLO ordered a custom-fitted speed boat to ferry her from Cannes to Monaco to perform at the World Music Awards. The boat was outfitted with faux leather seats, a champagne fridge, and a pair of diamond encrusted headphones to keep the boat noise down. Um...okay, JLO. 

3. diva slide 03 xtina

A total b----? 

Members of boy band The Wanted weren’t thrilled by their encounter with The Voice judge Christina Aguilera.  The British hunks publicly called her “a total bitch”, claiming that she completely ignored the band, wouldn’t speak with them, and refused to look in their direction.  News sources have also speculated that Aguilera demands a police escort to drive her to-and-from The Voice. Her reason? She doesn’t want to wait at red lights! 

4. diva slide 04 sofia

No, no, NO! 

Sofia Vergara is pretty picky about her threads. Reportedly, the Colombian bombshell has given multiple stylists the pink slip -- including Rachel Zoe. “No one goes through that many stylists,” an insider told The New York Post. Apparently, Vergara also brings along her family and friends to chime in at fittings. Vergara may be hard to please, but, to be fair, she does always look fabulous. 

5. diva slide 05 pitbull

Baby, we can party. 

Okay, we have to admit: this one is awesome. Pitbull’s concert rider allegedly demands hors d’oeuvres, three bottles of vodka, one bottle of Silver Patron, one bottle of Hennessy Privilege VSOP, one bottle of champagne, one case of beer, and...of course, mixers! Mr. Worldwide also asks for two dozen limes at every concerts, leading us to believe that some serious tequila shots are going down backstage. A little outrageous? Yes. Do we still want to party with him? Absolutely. 

6. diva slide 06 a.rod

Divalicious Demands

Alex Rodriguez could’ve been...a New York Met? Yep! The pinstriped player was in-talks with the Mets way back in 2000. According to ESPN, negotiations fell apart due to A-Rod’s divalicious demands. The baseball stud asked for a Shea Stadium office, a marketing staff, a merchandise tent at spring training, a luxury box, and a private jet...all in addition to his multi-million dollar contract.