15 Celebrity Babies With Spanish Names

Congrats to new papá, Olivier Martinez! The Spanish actor just welcomed his first baby, a little boy, with gorgeous wife, Halle Berry. 

We love that the parents opted to name their newborn Maceo Robert Martinez, a name with Spanish influences and special meaning to Olivier. See which other Latino celebs have given their children beautiful names en español: 

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Maceo Robert Martinez:
Parents: Olivier Martinez & Halle Berry

Birthday: October 5, 2013
Meaning: It seems like Martinez is the lucky parent who chose this name! Maceo is a Spanish variation of the name “Matthew” and means “Gift of God.” The middle name, Robert, is a tribute to Martinez’s father.

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Libertad and Lazaro Bernal:

Parents: Gael Garcia Bernal & Dolores Fonzi

Birthday: April 4, 2011 and January 8, 2009
Meaning: Libertad is Spanish for “Freedom” or “Liberty”, while Lazaro, the Spanish form of “Lazarus”, means “God has helped.” Name Candy writes, “Both names derive from the Anglo-Norman word meaning ‘freedom,’ and both have seen action in revolutionary slogans....In Mexico, ‘Tierra y Libertad’ is a cry associated with leaders of the Mexican Revolution.”

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Valentina Paloma Pinault:

Parents: Salma Hayek & François-Henri Pinault

Birthday: September 21, 2007

Meaning: Valentina is the feminine form of Valentine, which means “strong and healthy.” The name has special significance for the couple: Two years later, Hayek and Pinault got married on Valentine’s Day! 

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Luna Marie Katich:
Parents: Constance Marie & Kent Katich

Birthday: February 5, 2009

Meaning: This shimmery name has recently become popular, thanks to pop culture references in Harry Potter (Luna Lovegood) and True Blood (Luna Garza). The name has been popular for years among Spanish speakers, who know that the beautiful nombre means “moon.”

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Paloma and Rafael Lebenzon
Parents: Ana Ortiz & Noah Lebenzon

Birthday: June 27, 2009 and September 24, 2011

Meaning: Paloma, a popular Spanish name, literally means “dove”, although it has other connotations tying it to the Holy Spirit. Rafael, although originally a Hebrew name, is popular throughout Latin American and Spain and means “God has healed.”

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Allegra Sky Leguizamo:
Parents: John Leguizamo & Justine Maurer

Birthday: October 23, 1991

Meaning: Allegra is a variant of the Spanish word “alegra” which means “happy.” Beautiful name! 

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Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon

Parents: Madonna & Carlos Leon

Birthday: October 14, 1996

Meaning: This name is popular among Spanish-speaking parents, but has meanings in many different countries. Madonna reportedly named her daughter after the French town of Lourdes, where the Virgin Mary (the Madonna!) is said to have appeared on multiple occasions. 

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Jerónimo Luna

Parents: Diego Luna & Camila Sodi

Birthday: August 9, 2008

Meaning: Jerónimo is the Spanish version of “Jerome” and means “sacred name.” Saint Jerome was responsible for the Latin translation of the Bible in the 5th century, and it is believed the name has its origins with him.

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Cristian Marcus Muñiz
Parents: Marc Anthony & Dayanara Torres

Birthday: February 5, 2011

Meaning: Marc Anthony has five children, but only one was lucky enough to get a Spanish name! Cristian means “follower of Christ” in español.

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Yamilette Rodriguez
Parents: Daddy Yankee & Mireddys Gonzalez
Birthday: Unknown.
Meaning: You may not know that Daddy Yankee has been married since 1994, and has three children. His oldest daughter, who recently graduated from high school,  is blessed with the beautiful name Yamilette which means “beautiful.” The unique name is used throughout Latin America.

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Joaquin Antonio Consuelos:
Parents: Mark Consuelos & Kelly Ripa

Birthday: February 24, 2003

Meaning: This gorgeous couple have three children together -- Michael, Lola, and Joaquin. Joaquin is the Spanish form of “Joachim” which means “Jehovan is established” and “Antonio” means “beyond praise.”

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Luna, Paloma, and Dante Aristizábal Vázquez
Parents: Juanes & Karen Martínez

Birthday: September 6, 2003; June 2, 2005; and September 12, 2009

Meaning: Luna means “moon”, Paloma means “dove”, and Dante is a popular Latin American meaning which means “lasting, enduring.”

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Manuela Sánchez Michel: 

Parents: Alejandro Sanz & Jaydy Michel

Birthday: Unknown, 2001.

Meaning: Manuela is the feminine form of “”Manuel” and “Emmanuel.” The name means “God is with us.” Gorgeous! 

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Mariana and Marisa Del Toro
Parents: Guillermo Del Toro & Lorenza Newton
Birthday: Unknown
Meaning: This Mexican director opted to give his daughters traditionally Spanish names. Mariana and Marisa are both variations of the name “Maria” which is often associated with the Virgin Mary. 

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Vida Alves McConaughey:
Parents: Camila Alves & Matthew McConaughey

Birthday: January 3, 2010

Meaning: Camila Alves may be Brazilian, but she gave her youngest daughter a beautiful Spanish name. Vida means “life.”