Latino Brother From Another Mother: 26 Celeb Look-Alikes!

Why are you wearing MY FACE?! That's what these celebs (some Latino, some not) must think when they bump into each other in Hollywood. Here are 26 celeb look-alikes!  

1. Bella Thorne & Anneliese Van der Pol

Bella Thorne & Anneliese Van der Pol

These two redheaded beauties both starred on Disney Channel TV series and when Thorne was first introduced on the network's Shake It Up, we thought for a minute it was actually Van der Pol making her comeback after That's So Raven.

2. Zoe Saldana & Thandie Newton

Zoe Saldana & Thandie Newton

The resemblence between Saldana and Newton (especially on-screen) is undeniable! If these two were to say they were sisters, we wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

3. Lookalikes: Naya Rivera & Kim Kardashian

Naya Rivera & Kim Kardashian

Glee star Naya Rivera is starting to look more and more like a certain reality TV star: Kim Kardashian! We couldn’t help but notice the startling resemblance between the two hotties -- especially when they both dyed their hair caramel brown. Although the two have very different figures, we can’t help but notice some striking facial similarities. Do you agree?

4. Lookalikes: JoAnna/Amy

JoAnna Garcia Swisher & Amy Adams

The striking resemblance between the Junebug star and the Reba alum can't be denied—not even by Garcia Swisher, who tells that people are always telling her how much she looks like Adams. "I think there's something there," Swisher says of her look-alike. "Nick {Swisher} actually thought that I did a movie that Amy Adams did, and I was like ‘when do you think I shot that movie ding dong?’ {Laughs}. "She’s a really special actress so I’m honored," she says. 

5. Lookalikes: Victoria/Katharine

Victoria Justice & Katharine McPhee 

The half-Puerto Rican Justice, 18, looks like American Idol alum Katharine McPhee's younger sister! 

6. Lookalikes: William/Brad

William Levy & Brad Pitt

They don't call him "The Cuban Brad Pitt" for nothing! The Cuban telenovela hunk and Pitt both have gorgeous smiles, a great head of hair, and abs for days! 

7. Lookalikes: Javier/Jeffrey

Javier Bardem & Jeffrey Dean Morgan 

The Oscar-winning Spanish actor and the Grey's Anatomy alum could be twins! 

8. Lookalikes: Sara/Alexis

Sara Paxton & Alexis Bledel 

Last year, we asked Mexican actress Sara Paxton if people ever tell her she looks like fellow Mexican actress Alexis Bledel. Here's what she had to say on the subject: "I have been getting that all the time ever since Gilmore Girls came out. I have been chased down the street before with people yelling, 'Alexis, Alexis, you’re blonde now!' And I’m like, 'No, my name is Sara and I’ve always been blonde!' Hilarious! 

9. Lookalikes: Selena/Debbie

Selena Gomez & Debbie Ryan

The Mexican Gomez has a lot in common with fellow Disney star Ryan in the looks department: the eyes, the lips, the cheeks! 

10. Lookalikes: Morena/Ashley

Morena Baccarin & Ashley Judd

The Brazilian actress and The Double Jeopardy star look a great deal alike, and not just because they share a penchant for short hair-cuts! 

11. Lookalikes: Eddie/Patrick

Eddie Cibrian & Patrick Dempsey 

The Cuban actor and the Grey's Anatomy star are sexy in a old Hollywood kind of way. Their bone structure and jaw line are similar. Plus, both guys have smiles that make us weak in the knees!

12. Lookalikes: Kevin/Jonathan

Kevin Alejandro and Jonathan Rhys Meyers

The Mexican actor and the Match Point star have a lot in common in the looks department!

13. Lookalikes: Zachary/Nestor

Nestor Carbonell & Zachary Quinto 

The Cuban Carbonnel (Lost, Ringer) and the Heroes alum are bros with similar brows! They're also both tall, dark and handsome!