5 Celebs Who Get Along With Their Mother-in-Law!

Many Latinas fear the wrath of la suegra, while others love to spend time with their familia, and that includes their Mother-in-Law.

We can agree that whether you like her or not, making a good impression on the woman who raised your amor is necessary to keeping your family happy and your relationship healthy. From Mario Lopez to Penelope Cruz, these 5 stars love their suegra...and they want the world to know it: 

1. Mother-in-Law: Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes:

While it’s debatable whether or not Eva and Ryan Gosling are still together, one thing is certain: Ryan’s family loved Eva! Last year, Gosling and his lovely lady spent a quiet New Years Eve at the movie theater...with Ryan’s mom! A few days later, Donna Gosling accompanied her son and the red carpet, completely clad in duds from Eva’s closet! “My mother’s wearing all my girlfriend’s clothes,” Ryan said. Too cute! 

2. Mother-in-Law: Shakira


Shakira and Montserrat Bernabéu, the mother of Gerard Piqué, boast a wonderful, friendly relationship. Piqúe’s mamá, who is the head of the “Brain Damage” department at the Guttman Institute in Barcelona, spoke lovingly of her son’s love: “Shakira is a spectacular person,” she said. “A humble woman of great values that is also the second most important woman in show business. I find her to be a fascinating person.” The two are often spotted on the sidelines of FC Barcelona games, supporting Piqúe, the centre-back for the team! 

3. Mother-in-Law: Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez

Mario definitely has a soft spot in his heart for his MIL, Courtney Mazza’s mother. Earlier this year, he tweeted: “I’m trying to convince my mother in law to give on line dating a shot. Should I mind my own business or create her a profile?” We think it’s adorable that Mario cares so much about his suegra’s happiness! 

4. Mother-in-Law: Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz: 

Pilar Bardem has not been shy about expressing her admiration for her son, Javier Bardem's, wife. When asked about Penelope, she answered, “Penelope is the most wonderful woman in the world and the most wonderful mother in the world.” It’s clear the admiration goes both ways, too. Back in 2008, Cruz escorted Pilar Bardem to the Academy Awards, where the duo watched Javier pick up an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor! Javier is truly lucky to have two wonderful mujeres looking out for him! 

5. Mother-in-Law: Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth: 

Chris is possibly the sweetest papá in the entire world (have you seen him holding his baby, India???), but did you know he’s also an amazing son-in-law? The burly Thor actor was spotted just weeks after the birth of his daughter strolling around Madrid with his Spanish wife, Elsa Pataky and gorgeous suegra, Cristina Pataky Medianu.