Celebrating Love: Our Favorite Happy Couples

Here's to the cutest celebrity couples, who are no doubt embracing each other in smitten ecstasy at this very moment! Que cute.

1. Cute Couples slide 01 Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Parker & Tony Parker


This time last year we had our doubts about this couple, but their on-again, off-again status seems in the 'on' position for good. After a lavish French wedding last summer, Eva and Tony we're plagued by allegations of his infidelity, but they proved to be false and the happy couple seem to be closer than ever. We may get a little tired of Eva flashing her ring all around town, and Tony gushing about being married to the "perfect woman," but secretly, we envy these love birds. The only thing that could make this couple cuter would be a baby on the way...

2. Cute Couples slide 02 Nicole

Nicole Richie & Joel Madden


These two get the award for turnaround of the year: former party girl and frenemy of Paris Hilton, Nicole was known for her foul mouth and empty stomach. But once she linked up with Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden, her image changed almost overnight from sinner to saint. With their brand new baby, devotion to charitable causes, and sticky-sweet lovey-doveyness, Nicole and Joel are making fast tracks to being our favorite celebrity couple.

3. Cute Couples slide 03 Gloria

Gloria & Emilio Estefan


This pair can write the book on marital bliss: married since 1978 (she was 21, he was 26), Gloria and Emilio are still as happy as newlyweds. The secret to their enduring love? "He makes me laugh like crazy," Gloria told Latina. In an industry where most marriages are shorter than the average honeymoon, it's refreshing to see a couple stand the test of time.

4. Cute Couples slide 04 Fergie

Fergie & Josh Duhamel


These two had us scratching out heads for the longest time, but to see Fergie and her fiance Josh Duhamel together is to believe in their love. They seemed to have bypassed the hot-and-heavy phase and gone directly to cute-old-couple mode. Whether they're powerwalking in LA, or painting landscapes on the beach in Hawaii, Josh and Fergs always look content and in love. Maybe they save all the racy stuff for the bedroom...

5. Cute Couples slide 05 Don Omar

Jackie Guerrido & Don Omar


No one saw this love match coming! The reggaetonero first stepped out in public with Univison's weather girl last July at the Premios Juventud Awards, and since then, it's been a whirlwind romance. Guerrido announced the couple's engagement (and showed off un tremendo diamond ring) three months later on Despierta América, and rumors of a pregnancy have been waxing and waning ever since. We're not buying into those just yet, but it's hard to ignore whispers of a spring wedding date when they're getting louder by the minute...

6. Cute Couples slide 06 Juanes

Karen & Juanes


Their love survived one rocky year, but now they seem happier than ever: Colombian rocker Juanes and his wife Karen Martinez separated briefly in 2007 amidst rumors of his infidelity, but then reunited months later and made their marriage work. We might never know what caused their split—the couple refuse to talk to the press about it—but it's clear that love is keeping them together.

7. Cute Couples slide 07 Cruz

Penelope Cruz & Javier


Latin Hollywood finally has a true power couple! Young, beautiful, rich and talented, Penelope and Javier are leading a glamorous jet-setting life together. Too bad these sexy Spaniards are so good at staying incognito—they never make appearances together, and are almost always successful at dodging the paparazzi. What are you hiding from, guys? Any couple that looks as hot as you two together should be flaunting it, loud and proud!


8. Cute Couples slide 08 Obie

Obie Bermudez & Jennifer Peña


Remember Justin and Britney's puppy love days? Jennifer and Obie started out like that, only they've made it work. The fireworks first set off in 2003 (Jennifer was 19 and Obie was 26) at an awards show in Vegas, and since then, the pop stars have been inseparable. Obie co-wrote the Jennifer's hit album, Dicen Que El Tiempo, in 2007—the same year they finally wed in Texas and had their first child, Jobien, in October. Five years is an eternity for a celeb relationship, and judging by how the couple was snuggling up at last week's Grammys, this relationship isn't fading anytime soon!