Carrie Underwood Brushes Off Rumors of Feud with Jessica Simpson

For those of you ready to buy ringside seats to the fight of the year—Carrie Underwood vs. Jessica Simpson—hold on to your wallets. In the battle for Tony Romo's heart, Carrie seems to have just waived the white flag.

After months of mudslinging at each other through blogs, radio shows and magazine interviews, Carrie is ready to call a truce with Jessica. "I met her once and she seemed really nice so I don't have a feud with anybody," said Carrie, who then commented on Simpson's recent crossover to country music.

"I think it's great that country music just seems to be opening their arms to people that want to be a part of it," she said. "They let me in when they didn't have to and they're doing the same thing for a lot of other people."

She also spoke about her thoughts about ex-boyfriends and the role the media plays in her relationships.

"I generally have been friends with ex-boyfriends. Sometimes the whole media thing adds, well not sometimes, every time it adds a little obstacle," said the American Idol winner. "But before all this, everybody I had ever dated I was friends with."

Somehow we don't think Jessica is going to be allowing Carrie and Tony to have playdates any time soon. Can't say we blame her. We wouldn't want our ex to be hanging around with a gorgeous, blonde, angel-voiced singer with a better career than us.