Carmelo Anthony: "La La Has Nothing to do With Anything"

NBA All-Star, Carmelo Anthony is tired of hearing that his wife, La La Vazquez is to blame for his decision to leave the Denver Nuggets

While talking to the media following his 28-point game against the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday night, Anthony was asked if La La has been persuading him to leave Denver, and the superstar took the opportunity to set the record straight once and for all.

“Y’all put this in bold words," said Anthony, who recently turned down a three-year, $64 million dollar offer from the Nuggets. "La La has nothing to do with anything. Whatever is my decision, she is going to support me. She has nothing to do with me staying or leaving. Nothing. So please keep her out of it. Thank you."

Anthony said the rumor that La La wants to leave Denver and that she's the reason he has asked to leave the team, is simply a story that was created by the press. “People have to write about something and [they] come up with, ‘She don’t want to be here.’ She has nothing to do with that. This is my career. This is my decision."

Still, Anthony did admit that he takes his wife's opinion very seriously. “It’s normal, you got to consult with your family about decisions like that,” Anthony said. “That’s all she has been doing. She hasn’t had any say {on} what I should do or where I should go.”