Carlos Leon on Daughter Lourdes: "I'm So Supportive With Her Career"

Carlos Leon is starring in a charming new romantic comedy opening this Friday, Febrary 18th called Immigration Tango, but more on that later! We chatted up Madonna's former lover about his daughter Lourdes, who is quickly making a name for herself as a designer to watch with her Material Girl fashion line. The proud papa gushed of her new line for Macy's, "She’s such a fashionista! Anything she wants to do, even music, she’s incredibly talented in every way."

So is Lola aiming to be the next huge pop star? "No," Carlos tell us, "I think it’s more of acting and fashion. But she can play piano and she can definitely sing." Turns out that either way, Leon is more than happy for his daughter to be following in her mother and father's footsteps, "I’m so supportive with her career," says Carlos. "Acting is a way of expressing yourself in ways that you can’t do in real life, because then people would think your crazy." 

He's honest with her about the harshness of showbiz though, "I tell her there are lot of ups and downs in this business," Carlos shares. "I’ve been in the game for 17 years and this is the first time I get any kind of recognition for anything I’ve done... there are ups and downs; it’s not always glamorous."

We think it's great that Lourdes can see both sides of the business. Clearly her mother has found astronomical fame, but her father has been struggling to break through for almost two decades and he's sure to keep her grounded and remind her how hard you have to work to achieve your dreams. Check in tomorrow for our interview with Carlos about his new film!