Cardi B Responds To Comments About Selena Quintanilla Lyric

Instagram/Cardi B

In October, some Cardi B fans and haters were all in their feelings when the Bronx-born spitter compared herself to the late Selena Quintanilla on Migo’s poppin’ track “Motor Sport.”

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In case you forgot the lyric in question, she raps: “Let me wrap my weave up, I’m the Trap Selena. Dame más gasolina , skrrrrt .” She also gave a head nod to Daddy’s Yankee’s 2004 hit, but no one seemed to lose sleep over that. It took a minute, but Cardi responded to the heat-seeking missiles from diehard Quintanilla fans who considered the lyric “Trap Selena” damn near sacrilegious. One even Tweeted that both women have two "different walks of life." But Cardi will not be outdone, and she responded with total honesty.

Cardi’s reason for the comparison was simple and she shared it on Twitter. “I said Trap Selena because who didn’t wanted [sic] to be Selena? She is a alter ego that everybody would want to be and I want the world to know how much I love her.”

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Well, when the rapper puts it like that should loyalists really be upset? Still, that didn’t quiet the complaints and neither did a co-sign from Selena’s sister Suzette Quintanilla. Last month, during an interview with L.A.'s Power 106, Suzette said, “I think it’s an honor because it just shows that Selena is a legend. She’s being recognized, not just in the Latino community or in Latin music, she’s worldwide.”

Watch the interview with Suzette below. 

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