Can You Tell Penelope and Monica Cruz Apart?!

Monica Cruz looks so similar to her famous sister, Penelope, that we often have trouble telling the two apart. In fact, today we played a little game here at the Latina offices, showing images of each sister and quizzing our co-workers on whether it was Pé or Monica. More often than not, they guessed incorrectly. Think you can do better? Click through to see both stunning sisters side-by-side!   

1. Penelope/Monica Cruz 1

The lookalike siblings share caramel skin, defined cheekbones, and super shiny strands. Can you figure out which one’s which? The Pirates of the Caribbean star is on the left!

2. Penelope/Monica Cruz 2

It gets tougher to distinguish the two in close-ups. Even their smiles look similar!  The biggest difference here: Monica’s rich, dark hair and outlined eyes. 

3. Penelope/Monica Cruz 3

Most recently, older sister Penelope updated her side-swept bangs look. Monica’s flirted with fringe before, too. Hers was side-swept as well, but thicker and longer so that it grazed her eyelids. 

4. Eduardo Cruz

Ok, clearly this isn’t Monica or Penelope, but we couldn’t resist the excuse to feature the third Cruz sibling, Eduardo! Gorgeous looks run in the family. 

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