Camilla Belle Spotted with Another of Taylor Swift's Exes: Jake Gyllenhaal

We see a catfight coming! Camilla Belle has been linked to yet another one of singer Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriends, and if her last album was any indication, there are probably some bittersweet love songs on the way. We may not have big fans of Taylor's smack talking on her latest album, but even we have to agree that she might have a right to be a little angry now...

Jake Gyllenhaal—last linked with the curly-haired Country cutie—was spotted on Saturday evening chatting up a breathtaking Camilla Belle at the Art of Elysium "Heaven" Gala and word on the street is that the duo were inseparable all evening long.

"They hung out together the entire night," snitched a source.  "They were talking intimately, and laughing.  There really seemed to be chemistry, a connection."

The ball, which supports Art of Elysium's goal of bringing the arts to children battling terminal illnesses in the hospital, has become a see-and-be-seen event for young Hollywood over the last few years.

We're sure the two had a lot to talk about. After all, they have exes in common. Belle previously dated Joe Jonas, incidentally, also right after he broke up with Swift.