Camila Cabello on the Heartbreaking Thing She Learned From Dating Austin Mahone

Camila Cabello Reveals What She Learned from her Break-up with Austin Mahone
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Camila Cabello is living and learning! 

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The Fifth Harmony singer opened up about her breakup with Austin Mahone in a Teen Vogue interview. Cabello revealed she learned to best way to have a relationship is to keep it out of the public eye. 

"I’ve learned that I don’t want to be as open or public about relationships anymore. In my first relationship, I thought I could hold on to the normalcy of just being like 'Yeah, we’re dating,' just like if it were high school and I was telling my friends," she said. "But in high school, there aren't articles written everywhere when you break up and you don’t have everyone in the school coming up to you and asking what happened or sharing their opinion with you. It didn’t feel like ours anymore, it felt like everybody else's." 

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We are happy to see Camila has learned her lesson.